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PowerTap enters LoI with Newport Realty Group for retail energy centre

by CM staff   

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This future location for PowerTap hydrogen fueling stations will provide energy solutions for light-duty fuel cell electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles and traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Photo: PowerTap.

VANCOUVER, and ALISO VIEJO — PowerTap, a provider of on-site hydrogen production technology, has entered a letter of intent with Newport Realty Group, Newport Beach, California-based real estate development firm, to enter into a lease in Yermo, California to operate a future PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Station. The lease remains subject to a definitive agreement.

Subject to finalizing the terms of the lease, this future location for PowerTap hydrogen fueling stations will provide energy solutions for light-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), as well as battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

The site will host an on-site hydrogen production station developed by PowerTap, which will provide fuel for light-duty FCEVs. NRG plans to develop several retail/energy plazas along Interstate 15, extending from Los Angeles and Orange County in California to Las Vegas and beyond through the states of Nevada and Utah. These sites, on which PowerTap will have a first look to participate, will provide microgrids for battery electric charging of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and petrol stations servicing gasoline and diesel vehicles, along with other uses such as drive-thru restaurants, convenience stores, food halls, public-private lounges, and rest areas, to support consumers while charging their vehicles.

“We are thrilled to partner with Newport Realty Group to bring the benefits of clean and sustainable hydrogen energy to consumers and businesses across the west coast,” said Salim Rahemtulla, President and CEO, PowerTap. “Our on-site hydrogen production stations will provide a reliable and efficient fuel source for FCEVs and FCETs, while the retail energy centres developed by NRG will offer convenient and accessible charging options for BEVs and traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.”


The collaboration between PowerTap and NRG will reduce carbon emissions. By providing on-site hydrogen production and microgrids to support BEV charging and the other uses on these sites, the partnership aims to promote the adoption of cleaner transportation solutions and support the growth of the hydrogen economy in the United States.

“We are excited to join forces with PowerTap to create a new model for sustainable energy solutions,” said Barry Blake, President, Newport Realty Group. “Our retail energy centres will not only provide convenient charging options for EVs, but also offer amenities and services to make the charging experience more enjoyable and efficient. We look forward to working together to create a more sustainable future for all.”


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