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PowerTap Hydrogen signs manufacturing agreement with Capstone Green Energy

by CM Staff   

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PowerTap is focused on meeting the large deficiency in hydrogen infrastructure via its PowerTap 3 on-site hydrogen production and fueling system.

VANCOUVER and IRVINE — PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp announces that it has signed a strategic manufacturing and licensing agreement with California-based Capstone Green Energy for the prototype manufacturing of PowerTap’s proprietary 3rd generation hydrogen production and dispensing station. Each PowerTap Unit is modular in design and utilizes PowerTap’s proprietary technology to produce and dispense blue hydrogen onsite.

PowerTap is focused on meeting the large deficiency in hydrogen infrastructure via its PowerTap 3 on-site hydrogen production and fueling system. PowerTap’s patented solution includes a compact SMR (Steam Methane Reforming) technology to create on-site hydrogen production versus traditional offsite production methods. As a result of the new strategic agreement, Capstone Green Energy will manufacture the small footprint product for PowerTap for use in fueling stations and as part of Capstone’s distributed energy low emission microgrid solutions. The PowerTap 3rd generation turns natural gas, including renewable natural gas, into onsite hydrogen and intends to leverage an innovative carbon capture system.

“Since acquiring the PowerTap hydrogen fueling brand and technology intellectual property portfolio, PowerTap has significantly enhanced the acquired technology to be more efficient, cost effective and streamlined and is pleased to be launching the PowerTap 3rd Generation hydrogen fueling system,” stated PowerTap Senior Advisor David Bray.

Concurrent with the commencement of the manufacturing of the PowerTap Units, the Company has made initial municipal applications for hydrogen station co-located at existing gas stations in Northern California and plans to take advantage of recently announced new USA federal incentive and funding for hydrogen infrastructure under the recently enacted USA infrastructure bill.


“We continue to expand our presence within the ever-changing energy landscape through our complementary network partners, and technologies that enable Capstone Green Energy’s customers to achieve their carbon reduction goals at a realistic cost,” said Capstone Green Energy Chief Executive Officer, Darren Jamison. “Capstone looked at several hydrogen products and hydrogen conversion technologies. We selected PowerTap because their innovative product would eliminate the cost and complication of delivered hydrogen and secure dedicated on-site hydrogen supply for our microturbine systems.”


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