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Pontus Protein announces new brand identity

by CM Staff   

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In parallel with the development of the Company's manufacturing facility in Surrey, B.C., Pontus has also been developing its brand identity.

VANCOUVER — Pontus Protein Ltd. announces the next step in the launch of their plant based protein products. On Nov. 18, the Company is launching its new brand identity to match its sustainable food technology position in the market place.

In parallel with the development of the Company’s manufacturing facility in Surrey, B.C., Pontus has also been developing its brand identity.

“As we move to consumer brands, we need to communicate our commitment to sustainability and biosecurity. Our market research has shown that consumers want to be more sustainable, but do not know where to start. We want to help. By incorporating Pontus products into your life, we want to ensure consumers know they are eating an all natural product, one we believe to be a positve and crucial step towards a more sustainable future,” said Victoria Bennett, Marketing Director, Pontus.

J.R. Lopez, Pontus’ Chief Experience Officer added, “We wanted to ensure Pontus’ new visual identity communicates our enclosed vertical farming, based on water, in an approachable way. We are challenging contemporary agricultural practices and we want the world to know and see how we’re reinventing agriculture too.”


“Our technology is highly scalable and seeks to address the need for high quality food. Our marketing and brand team have worked hard to communicate our mandate for sustainability, our scalability, and our technology. Our focus is on providing consumers 100% natural, nutrient rich products, without the use of harmful pesticides, and which seek to minimize all of our impact on the environment,” said Connor Yuen, CEO, Pontus.

The Company is reportedly excited to unveil what they have been working on over the last few months and demonstrate their purported commitment to sustainability and their mission to reinvent agriculture.


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