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POET Technologies announces the availability of samples for its 100G and 200G CWDM4 engines

by CM Staff   

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POET will also soon be offering 400G DR4 and FR4 transmit and receive optical engines, to be available in September.

TORONTO — POET Technologies Inc., the designer and developer of integrated optical engines for the optical communications, computing and sensing markets, all based on the POET Optical Interposer™, announces that samples of its 100G and 200G CWDM4 Optical Engines will be available beginning in early July.

Powered by four flip-chipped 28G and 28G PAM4 CWDM (course wavelength division multiplexed) DFB (distributed feedback) lasers, the POET Optical Engines include an integrated athermal multiplexer and demultiplexer, 28G detectors, monitor photodiodes and bonding pads. Operating to MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) standards for the QSFP28 module, the POET Optical Engines will be available in chip sets for transmit only, receive only or in a combination transmit and receive single multi-chip engine less than 60mm square.

Built on a high resistivity 8” silicon wafer with low-loss, athermal waveguides, POET’s Optical Engines include passively-aligned active devices and superior thermal management.

Based on the novel POET Optical Interposer platform, the 100G and 200G Optical Engines are fabricated entirely at wafer scale, purporting to offer cost and size advantages. All engines are fully tested and burned-in prior to shipment. Super Photonics Xiamen, POET’s joint venture with Sanan IC, will be manufacturing the optical engines, with the capability to rapidly scale for customers with high-volume requirements.

POET will also soon be offering 400G DR4 and FR4 transmit and receive optical engines. Samples of the receive optical engine will be available in September. Samples of the transmit engine, based upon high power CW (continuous wave) lasers and silicon photonic modulators, will be available beginning in Q4 2021.

Live demonstrations of POET products are being conducted by the Company during the virtual Exhibition at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) taking place from Monday through Friday, June 7 – 11, 2021.


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