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New Fein core drills offer more mobility, versatility and function

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Fein Canada's success continues as it introduces two new types of Slugger core drills of the highest quality: the AMJU 137 PMQW and the JMC USA 90

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For more than half a century, Fein Canada has provided a unique brand of power tools to manufacturers nationwide. Its success continues as it introduces two new types of Slugger core drills of the highest quality: the AMJU 137 PMQW and the JMC USA 90.

The AMJU 137 PMQW is ideal for virtually any applications in the construction sector, with its versatile functionality and cordless design. Compact and lightweight, the JMC USA 90 allows industrial workers to drill in even the tightest spaces.

A small and powerful choice


A single-gear, cordless, magnetic core drill, the Slugger AMJU 137 PMQW is a small yet powerful tool that is perfect for construction workers who need maximum functionality for drilling applications. This drill includes forward and reverse rotation, MT2 tool mounting, and a 260-millimetre (mm) stroke range, all to suit a variety of tasks. Long life and sustained work process are possible with its brushless PowerDrive motor with tacho electronics and its HighPower Li-ion battery with cells that can handle high currents.

Other notable features of the AMJU 137 PMQW:

  • Easily accessible control pads. Directly in the user’s field of view, these pads are practical and convenient.
  • Pivoting motor cable protection sleeve. This pivoting sleeve prevents damage to the drill.
  • Safety features. The tilt sensor and magnetic holding force indicator all ensure that the drill is safe to operate. The extra-narrow permanent magnet allows a firm grip and allows quick, easy alignment on the workpiece in any direction.
  • Easy positioning. The minimal weight and the user’s ability to move the drill when the magnet is partially engaged makes positioning the tool a simple task.

The construction uses for the AMJU 137 PMQW are endless, from core and twist drilling to tapping, countersinking, and reaming.

Perfect for precision drilling

At only 169 mm high, the Slugger JMC USA 90 is compact and lightweight, but that makes it ideal for precision-drilling applications, especially those in spaces that are hard to reach, in all directions. This powerful, variable-speed, compact magnetic core drill is very wear-resistant, and its play-free quill feed enables great performance in heavy-duty industrial and skilled-trade tasks. The drill also includes a 1,100-watt high-performance motor with tacho electronics and forward and reverse rotation, which make it suitable for virtually all applications.

Like the AMJU 137 PMQW, the JMC USA 90 has easily accessible control pads, a tilt sensor, and a magnetic holding force indicator. Other features include the following:

  • Strong magnetic holding force. The JMC USA 90 has a holding force of 10,000 Newtons, or 1,019 kilograms (kg).
  • Electronic speed control and large mounting space. These traits enable universal use.
  • Compact width for better views. Only 33 mm across corners and with a high gear level, the drill allows for a perfect view of the drilling location near edges.
  • Light weight for easy positioning. At only 7.5 kg, the tool’s extremely low weight allows users to position it with minimal effort.

Industrial users trust Slugger core drills for an amazing diversity of applications.

To learn more about these products, contact Fein Canada.

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