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FEIN announces industry’s first hand-held core drilling system for metal

by Fein Canadian Power Tool Company   

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New tool saves time and money for metalworking operations

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FEIN has launched the world’s first hand-held core drilling system for metal: the FEIN KBH 25.

The hand-held core drilling system has unique features that make it a powerful tool for metalworkers— offering time and money savings when compared to conventional drilling methods.

New drilling technology

The KBH 25 provides fast, flexible operation thanks to new drilling technology combining the advantage of a high-performance drill and carbide-tipped core bits in a single system. The technology enables rapid work progress with less effort, and allows users to work up to five times faster when core drilling.


Special tooth geometry

The system features tungsten carbide bits with special tooth geometry consisting of three different cutting teeth. The feature reduces the feed force and contact pressure, resulting in cutting that’s free of vibration and extremely fast.

High-quality materials

The KBH 25 is constructed from the highest quality materials and workmanship, contributing to a long service life.

The unit features FEIN’s wrench-free QuickIN PLUS fast change system, which guarantees easy exchange of bits.

The KBH 25 is capable of drilling holes up to one inch in diameter in steel, and up to 3⁄4-inch thick when using FEIN carbide bits. With carbide hole saws, it’s capable of drilling holes up to 2-1⁄8 inches in diameter in steel, and up to 5/32 inches thick.

The system works on all common metals, as well as curved, painted and uneven surfaces, in tight or hard-to-reach areas. It’s designed to replace (or be used in combination with) stationary core drills and conventional twist drills in such applications as vehicle or trailer construction, fabricating, structural steel, ship building, and other metal work.

The KBH 25 is lightweight at just 7.3 lbs., resulting in less user fatigue. In addition, its design features a torque slip clutch, which ensures safety when the tool is overloaded.

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