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Huntsman Building Solutions introduces new Pour-in-Place Foams

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Reformulated foam solutions meets U.S. state and Canada goals for phase-down of HFCs.

Huntsman Building Solutions introduces new insulated foams for manufacturing applications

BOISBRIAND — Huntsman Building Solutions, a company involved in sustainable building envelope solutions, announced the launch of its new Pour-in-Place Foams. The family of foam solutions have recently been reformulated with an HFO-based technology that renders performance benefits, as well as minimizes impacts to the Earth. The improved foam products are offered in varying densities, providing thermal insulation and structural support, and are ideal for use across a wide range of manufacturing and maritime applications.

The polyurethanes industry is currently working to meet the standards outlined in the Montreal Protocol, under which Canada and other developed nations, including the United States on a state-to-state basis, have committed to replacing hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) with hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs). HFOs are an advanced technology utilized in foam insulation products that, with zero ozone depleting potential, render minimal impact on the environment as compared to their HFC predecessors.

“As a major manufacturer of foam insulations and roofing products, as well as the first to introduce HFO-based spray foam solutions commercially to the marketplace, Huntsman Building Solutions has proven its commitment to high-performance solutions that also protect the environment,” says Doug Brady, vice president of global innovation and product management for Huntsman Building Solutions. “These Pour-in-Place Foams are an ideal alternative as more U.S. states join Canada and other countries in the phase out of HFCs which pose a higher risk to the environment,” adds Brady.

Huntsman Building Solutions’ Pour-in-Place Foams include:

  • PIP Foam 50, a 0.50-pound thermal insulation ideally suited for wall cavity applications and providing an R-value of R-3.4 per inch of thickness
  • PIP Foam 80, a 0.80-pound thermal insulation also suited for wall cavity applications and providing an R-value of R-4.45 per inch of thickness
  • PIP Foam 250CG, a 2.5-pound foam for injection, flotation, wall cavities and insulating panels and providing an R-value of R-6.5 per inch of thickness. This foam meets U.S. Coast Guard specification Article #183-114 as well as Military Test Standard MIL-P-21929C.
  • PIP Foam 250A, a 2.5-pound foam used in insulating panels and providing an R-value of R-6.5-7.5 per inch of thickness. The composition of this foam notably includes recycled plastic waste and renewable soy oil. It is also Class 1 (Class A) Fire Rated, Discontinuous and meets requirements for CAN/ULC S102 and S127 fire tests.


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