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German pharma firm acquires Cambridge, Ont. vaccine maker

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Gallant Custom Laboratories manufactures viral and bacterial vaccines for the agriculture sector

CAMBRIDGE, Ont.—Dessau-Rosslau, Germany-based IDT Biologika has acquired Gallant Custom Laboratories, based in Cambridge, Ont.

Gallant Custom Laboratories is the only Canadian company authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to manufacture autogenous viral and bacterial vaccines.

Gallant serves Canadian customers that provide vaccines to the livestock and poultry industry. The company relies on modern in-house diagnostic laboratory facilities to identify viral and bacterial diseases in pigs, sheep, goats, cattle and poultry, and to manufacture and supply the appropriate autogenous vaccine corresponding to these specific pathogens.

Gallant presently employs twelve people, and will continue to do business as Gallant Customs Laboratories, an IDT Biologika company. Jackie Gallant, a microbiologist who founded the company 20 years ago, will retain her title as President of Gallant Customs Laboratories and serve in the role of Senior Executive Manager. In addition, she will sit on the IDT Scientific Advisory Board.


The transaction is to close August 31.


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