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DIRTT selected for education projects in Ky. and Western Pa.

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These projects were awarded due to Construkt and ID+A’s abilities to deliver learning environments using DIRTT’s interior solutions and streamlined construction methodology.

CALGARY — DIRTT and its Construction Partners Construkt in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and ID+A in Louisville, Kentucky announce they recently secured over $6M USD in construction projects with major education clients including Armstrong School District, Western Kentucky University, and Berea College. These projects were awarded due to Construkt and ID+A’s abilities to deliver learning environments using DIRTT’s interior solutions and streamlined construction methodology.

Armstrong School District

Part of the Armstrong School District, West Hills Primary School a kindergarten to third grade elementary school in Western Pennsylvania, sought to revitalize 28 classrooms and multiple administration areas within a compressed three-month summer break. Given the urgency of the project, the school district made the decision to use DIRTT’s full construction solution, which includes solid and glass walls, doors, casework, back-painted glass, and writable surfaces. Due to an unmatched ability to meet tight project schedules and create dynamic student spaces, DIRTT emerged as the clear frontrunner for this significant undertaking.

“The seamless integration by one partner to provide walls, casework, glass, and whiteboards for our classrooms and administrative offices was unexpected and provided financial and time saving benefits for us,” commented Sam Kirk Jr., Director of Finance and Operations. “The new space supports the district’s learning philosophies and creates a safer, more flexible, and significantly better learning environment for our students, teachers, and staff to return to.”


Berea College

Berea College, a private liberal arts college in Berea, Kentucky focused on students with limited resources, is replacing its Danforth Technology building with Omni Architects to keep up with the needs of the college’s modern technology curriculum. The new Computer Science, Digital Media, and Information Technologies building is the first of two planned buildings focused on technology, featuring cutting-edge computing laboratories, an innovative maker space, flexible classrooms, and new spaces for digital-media endeavors such as a sound stage and on-air studio. As part of this overhaul, DIRTT and ID+A are fitting out the space with solid and glass walls, quick connect electrical, and DIRTT’s Leaf Folding Walls® solution.

Western Kentucky University

As part of Western Kentucky University’s 10-year Master Campus Plan, architecture firm Gensler is redesigning the University’s South Campus Center to house offices and admin spaces. ID+A will be working with both teams to renovate the interior including DIRTT glass and solid walls and quick connect electrical.

All three institutions chose DIRTT and its Construction Partners to meet their condensed construction schedule and sustainability goals. DIRTT’s ability to provide full interior solutions that are rapidly manufactured reportedly made the organization an ideal choice for the modernization and transformation of active learning environments. “These projects demonstrate how, together with our DIRTT Construction Partners, we help educational institutions meet the evolving needs and interests of students and staff, start to finish, often under extremely limited timeframes,” said Benjamin Urban, CEO of DIRTT.


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