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CIMCO shutters high emission line of refrigerants

by CM Staff   

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CIMCO now offers four climate-friendly ice rink refrigeration packages.

TORONTO — CIMCO Refrigeration has upped its commitment to climate-friendly ice rink refrigerants with low-to-zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), the metric that compares the global warming impacts of different greenhouse gases. CIMCO will no longer manufacture recreational ice rink packages that use high-GWP refrigerants, including HFO blends such as R513a.

“CIMCO recognizes that our industry has a key role to play in eliminating super-polluting refrigerants like hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs),” says David Malinauskas, President of CIMCO. “Our new offerings align with the Kigali Amendment and Montreal Protocol. They also exceed the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulation for new ice rinks to only use refrigerants with a GWP of less than 150. We are doing our part with climate-friendly refrigerants like CO2 and ammonia and have refined our product offerings with the environment in mind. These refrigerants have zero or negligible GWP and will clearly be the new industry standards.”

CIMCO has built rinks across North America, including the rink at Evergreen Brick Works, and Oak Park Ice Rink in Stockton, CA, which will be the state’s first CO2 ice rink. After redesigning its product lineup, CIMCO now offers four climate-friendly ice rink refrigeration packages, as well as heat-recovery technology to help ice rinks further reduce their carbon footprint. “We look forward to working with ice rink owners and operators across Canada and the United States, whether they’re building a new net-zero facility or working at an existing facility and transitioning to a climate-friendly future,” says Malinauskas.



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