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Cascades’ American Mills Named Energy Star Partners

by Canadian Packaging Staff   


Cascades Inc., headquartered in Kingsey Falls, Que. and a leader in the recycling and manufacturing of green packaging products and tissue paper, has received confirmation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that its American mills have been accepted as Energy Star partners. Through this arrangement, the mills in question are affirming their commitment to meet the high performance standards set by the EPA and thereby protect the environment thanks to sound management of the energy resources available to them.

“Cascades is a pioneer in sustainable development and, as such, strives to constantly reduce its environmental footprint”, asserts Alain Lemaire, president and chief executive officer of Cascades. “This position involves, among other things, reducing energy consumption in our mills and, where possible, using clean, renewable energy sources.”

Cascades is the only N.A. papermaker to employ a team of energy efficiency specialists. In 2009, its energy efficiency team enabled Cascades to cut the intensity of its greenhouse gas emissions by three per cent compared to the previous year.

By becoming Energy Star partners, the Cascades mills located in the U.S. will carry its  responsible energy consumption efforts one step further: using the tools provided by the EPA, it will be able to measure and compare its performance more accurately, optimize an action plan for reducing energy consumption and draw inspiration from the winning strategies adopted by other Energy Star partners to further improve its performance.


Energy Star is the national symbol of energy efficiency and excellence in environmental protection that is most recognized by the American public. Through this program, the EPA sets targets for achieving superior energy performance.

Cascades Facts:

  • Founded in 1964;
  • Produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products composed mainly of recycled fibers;
  • Employs nearly 12,500 men and women who work in some 100 production units located in N.A. and in Europe;


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