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Argentum announces that it has developed an energy distribution system for manufacturing settings

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Argentum’s system combines transformer-less DC power distribution with IoT (Internet of Things) and digital twin technology.

TORONTO — Argentum announces that it has developed the Spacr DC Power Distribution System, a new product which transforms regular buildings into “Smart Buildings.” The system has a number of reported benefits:

• Reducing energy costs by up to 40% for LED lighting and HVAC loads
• Doubling the working life of LED lights
• Improving Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) with intelligent sensors and controls

Argentum’s system combines transformer-less DC power distribution with IoT (Internet of Things) and digital twin technology that reduces the environmental impact of buildings.

Spacr comprises of four product categories:

  1. SpacrGrid – A modular DC (direct current) power distribution system that is superior to Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  2. SpacrSense – Wireless sensors that collect data in real-time to save energy and improve the performance of building systems.
  3. SpacrBAS – A Building Automation System (BAS) that allows you to remotely control any BACnet device through a cloud-based platform.
  4. SpacrApp – A  digital twin of your building that allows you to monitor, control, and automate all connected devices.

“Argentum has excellent relationships with well-known industry leaders like: WZMH Architects, Quasar Consulting Group, HH Angus & Associates, Cherishome , Ellis Don, Minto, Tridel, and UHN,” says Bolis Ibrahim, Co-Founder and CEO of Argentum. “Working with First Inflection Business Advisors, our goal is to build and expand on these relationships and rapidly scale up sales and marketing efforts. We want to position Argentum as a leader in DC Power Distribution Systems for Smart Buildings. Please visit Argentum website for a detailed description of the projects”

“We are very excited to collaborate with Argentum,” says George Yan, co-Founder and COO of First Inflection Business Advisors. “Our expertise and extensive industry knowledge resonate and complement well with Argentum’s strengths.“


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