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Woodbridge, Ont.-based fabricator expands through a wide range of customer offerings

For more than 40 years, Alps Welding has been providing custom fabrication services to North America’s largest design engineers, equipment designers and plant operators.

The Woodbridge, Ont.-based company has produced a variety of equipment, including pressure vessels, piping systems, stacks, heat exchangers, blower fan wheels, modular plant and skid-mounted equipment, among others.

The company has also manufactured thousands of registered vessels, from small pipe-bodied vessels only a few inches in diameter, up to large flare drums 15 feet in diameter.

According to Alps Welding, versatility allows the company to tap into new and expanding markets. Whether the requirements call for sour service, low temperature service, high-tensile or hardened applications, or highly corrosive environments, Alps Welding can build the equipment.


The company is capable of fabricating in many grades of carbon and stainless steel, including alloys such as Hastelloy, Monel and Inconel, as well as titanium. Alps Welding currently has more than 130 distinct welding procedures, and continues to add capabilities every year.

Its 55,000-square-foot fabrication facility can handle the biggest projects, thanks to its 18-foot shipping envelope, 30 feet under the hook and a 70-ton crane capacity.

As a vessel fabricator, Alps Welding has grown accustomed to high-level inspections, as well as demanding customer specifications. To respond, the company developed an extensive quality assurance program, audited and accredited as an ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 fabricator.

This quality program is applied to all of the company’s projects, and has earned it a reputation for building highly engineered, high-specification, critical equipment.

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