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Quality and service give fabricator the competitive edge

Alps Welding relies on careful inspection, testing, and top-notch service to grow its business

February 19, 2015  by Alps Welding

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Canadian manufacturers are constantly challenged to surpass the competition in a number of areas such as price, lead times and service. As one of Ontario’s growing custom fabricators is proving, superior quality is also key to winning new orders and exceeding customers’ expectations.

Based in Woodbridge, Ont., the family owned and operated Alps Welding Ltd. has developed an extensive quality assurance (QA) program, and is audited and accredited as an ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 fabricator.

In one particular application a large multinational chemical company ordered two condenser units, which were more than 40-feet long and over 125,000 pounds each. Alps Welding fabricated the shells and assembled the internal components (including all the baffle plates and stiffener rods).


It then installed and expanded the 4,000 brass tubes required in each unit. But before shipping the units out on specialized trailers, the company hydro-tested them.

Alps Welding has built thousands of vessels in wide varieties since it opened its doors more than 40 years ago. It relies on a high level of inspection and its thorough quality assurance program. In fact, the company defines itself as being much more than a manufacturer because of the variety of services it offers.

“We consider ourselves to be as much a service company as a manufacturing company,” said Dennis Dussin, president of Alps Welding, while speaking at a 2014 Canadian manufacturing conference.

From installation of instrumentation and electrical components, insulation, structural supports, along with engineering design and detailing, Alps Welding also has extensive experience preparing equipment for shipping.

Alps Welding’s target market is equipment designers and end-users from across North America. The company serves sectors such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, steelmaking, food processing, mining, pharmaceutical, power generation, and water treatment.

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