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Canadian Manufacturing
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Oil & GasFinancing

Suncor to take $425M impairment charge on White Rose and West White Rose

News January 5, 2021  
Energy Oil & GasHuman Resources Operations

Cenovus closes transaction to combine with Husky

News January 4, 2021  
Oil & GasFinancing

Inter Pipeline announces $1B spending plan

News December 11, 2020  
Oil & GasManufacturing Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Industrial and oil & gas markets investing in hybrid cloud to reduce IT costs

News December 8, 2020  
Energy Oil & GasManufacturing

Layoffs at Husky worksite after company gets $41.5M in public cash

News December 8, 2020  
Oil & GasFinancing

Calfrac Well Services planning $55 million capital spending program for 2021

News December 7, 2020  
Oil & GasEnvironment

Alberta set to retire coal power by 2023, ahead of 2030 provincial deadline

News December 7, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Energy Oil & GasExporting & Importing Financing

Statistics Canada says merchandise trade deficit held stead in October at $3.8B

News December 4, 2020  
Oil & Gas Public SectorManufacturing

US adds Chinese chipmaker, oil giant to security blacklist

News December 4, 2020  
Energy Oil & GasEnvironment

Hydrogen’s future remains murky despite home heating projects in Alberta and Ontario

News December 4, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Oil & Gas TransportationEnvironment Sustainability

Thirteen transportation organizations in BC hit the brakes on diesel

News December 4, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Energy Oil & GasFinancing

Studies show banks not so green on climate change

News December 3, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Oil & GasManufacturing Sustainability

IPP&T: Pump Up the Volume – Episode 3

Feature December 2, 2020   IPP&T
Oil & GasEnvironment Research & Development

UN calls on humanity to end ‘war on nature,’ go carbon-free

News December 2, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Oil & GasFinancing

Feds spending plan heads to confidence vote as provinces seek more healthcare cash

News December 2, 2020  
Electronics Oil & Gas TransportationResearch & Development Technology / IIoT

Service-based business models increase demand for asset performance management: report

News December 2, 2020  
Oil & GasRegulation

Judge tosses application to pause Alberta inquiry into funding of oil and gas foes

News December 1, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Oil & GasHuman Resources

Imperial Oil to lay off 200 workers following cost cutting analysis

News November 25, 2020  
Energy Oil & GasEnvironment Sustainability

Canada’s new climate plan: Q&A about Bill C-12

Feature November 25, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Energy Oil & GasEnvironment

Minnesota issues another approval for disputed oil pipeline

News November 25, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Oil & GasFinancing Manufacturing

Proposal would limit bank pullback of Arctic oil, gas funds

News November 24, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Oil & GasOperations

Suncor agrees to begin operating Syncrude by end of next year

News November 24, 2020  
Mining & Resources Oil & GasHuman Resources

Sherritt International CEO David Pathe stepping down after completing restructuring

News November 23, 2020  
Oil & GasEnvironment Regulation

International ban on heavy fuel in Arctic shipping full of gaps: environmentalists

News November 23, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Energy Oil & GasOperations

Survey shows two thirds of energy company employers cut labour costs due to COVID-19

News November 23, 2020  
Oil & GasFinancing

Junior producer Osum Oil Sands rejects Waterous Energy Fund share offer as inadequate

News November 20, 2020  
Oil & GasFinancing

Pandemic resurgence blunts refined fuel demand recovery, says Imperial Oil CEO

News November 20, 2020  
Oil & GasEnvironment

Drilling forecast calls for 14% rebound in 2021 from depths of 2020 activity

News November 18, 2020  
Energy Oil & GasEnvironment

Ontario auditor to release value for money audits related to the environment

News November 18, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Energy Oil & GasEnvironment Financing

Enbridge Gas announces $5.2M hydrogen blending pilot project

News November 18, 2020   Cleantech Canada