Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing


Regulators to examine pilot training for Boeing 737 Max jets

News September 12, 2020  

Transat revenues drop by 99%, with 2,000 layoffs expected

News September 11, 2020  

CAE launches new financing initiative for aspiring pilots

News September 11, 2020  
Aerospace InfrastructureOperations

Vancouver airport upgrades stop as air travel declines because of COVID-19

News September 9, 2020  
Aerospace TransportationResearch & Development Risk & Compliance

Canadians are less willing to fly during COVID-19 than Americans

Feature September 9, 2020  

Boeing finds new problem with 787 that will delay deliveries

News September 8, 2020  
Aerospace TransportationFinancing Human Resources

Air Canada’s cancellation of regional flights will gut remote communities

Feature September 4, 2020  
Aerospace TransportationHuman Resources

Canadians filed more than 8,000 complaints about airlines to agency since March

News September 1, 2020  
Aerospace TransportationManufacturing Risk & Compliance

Manufacturing defect leads Boeing to ground several 787 jets

News August 31, 2020  
AerospaceHuman Resources Regulation

WestJet reinforces zero-tolerance mask policy

News August 28, 2020  
AerospaceFinancing Manufacturing

B.C. could shine amid Canada’s slow economic recovery: Conference Board

News August 24, 2020  
AerospaceHuman Resources

OHS Canada: Q&A: COVID-19 protections at Pearson airport

Feature August 20, 2020   OHS Canada
AerospaceEnvironment Sustainability

Toronto Pearson wins environment award for 60% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions

News August 19, 2020   Cleantech Canada

Israel successfully tests advanced missile defence system

News August 13, 2020  
AerospaceHuman Resources Manufacturing

CAE to lay off 350 employees, mostly in Canada, as Q1 revenue drops by a third

News August 12, 2020  
AerospaceManufacturing Operations

Heroux Devtek swings to Q1 loss due to turbulence facing aerospace industry

News August 7, 2020  

Bombardier Q2 net loss widens while revenues plunge due to COVID-19

News August 6, 2020  
AerospaceManufacturing Operations Regulation

FAA: Boeing pressured safety workers at SC aircraft plant

News August 5, 2020  
AerospaceManufacturing Regulation

FAA spells out design changes needed in grounded Boeing jet

News August 5, 2020  
Aerospace TransportationRegulation Research & Development Risk & Compliance

How COVID-19 could impact travel for years to come

Feature August 4, 2020  
Aerospace Public SectorHuman Resources

Canada extends peacekeeping mission despite Security Council loss

News August 4, 2020  
Aerospace Public SectorProcurement

Companies highlight jobs, economic spinoffs as fighter jet competition closes [UPDATED]

News July 30, 2020  

NASA launches Mars rover to look for signs of ancient life

News July 30, 2020  
AerospaceManufacturing Operations

Troubles abound, Boeing losses bloom to US$2.4B in 2Q

News July 29, 2020  
AerospaceRisk & Compliance

Iran fires missile at mock aircraft carrier amid U.S. tensions

News July 28, 2020  
AerospaceManufacturing Regulation

FAA orders emergency engine checks of parked Boeing 737s

News July 27, 2020  
AerospaceEnvironment Regulation

U.S. says it will adopt global climate standards for aviation

News July 24, 2020   Cleantech Canada
AerospaceTechnology / IIoT

China launches ambitious attempt to land rover on Mars

News July 23, 2020  
AerospaceFinancing Operations

Bombardier burns through less cash and obtains US$1B loan to operate during COVID

News July 22, 2020  
AerospaceManufacturing Regulation Risk & Compliance

US moves one step closer to letting the Boeing 737 Max fly

News July 22, 2020