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Six steps to an extraordinary workplace

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The elements that make organizations extraordinary also ‘future-proof’ them for economic and demographic changes

NANAIMO, BC.—Want to turn your company into an extraordinary one?

Health Work & Wellness Group, a B.C.-based group of organizational health professionals, has identified what it considers the top six elements of an extraordinary organization.

“The common elements that make organizations extraordinary also ‘future-proof’ them for economic and demographic changes,” said Deborah Connors, founder of The Health Work & Wellness Group. “The key is engaged and healthy employees who are motivated to help the organization succeed.”

Connors says extraordinary organizations cost less to operate and succeed more often because they have an empowered workforce. “That alone gives them the ability to adapt faster than their competition when there are changes in the marketplace or the economy,” she says.


The six elements of an extraordinary organization include:

  • A continuous process – creating a better workplace is not a race, but an ongoing process that remains a high priority.
  • Linked to strategic goals – integrate efforts into an overall business strategy.
  • Visible leadership – employees will be more inclined to participate if they see action from their leaders.
  • Supportive culture – workers thrive in a culture that clearly values and supports their well-being.
  • Promotes wellness – successful firms actively promote mental, emotional and physical well being.
  • Fulfilling relationships – trusting and respectful relationships are a cornerstone of employee well-being.

Connors says each organization has to approach excellence differently, but knowing what to strive for to be successful is a good way to start.


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