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Ontario shingle manufacturer hit with fine after worker burned by scalding limestone

A worker was critically injured in a 2016 accident on a roofing mill line at IKO Industries' Brampton, Ont. plant

November 16, 2017  by Canadian Staff

BRAMPTON, Ont.—The province has handed roofing products company IKO Industries Ltd. an $85,000 fine after a worker was burned by hot limestone in a workplace accident in Brampton, Ont.

The incident took place June 7 of last year on the roofing mill line at the Toronto-area plant, which uses a series of pipes and hoppers to heat powdered limestone to approximately 204 C (400 F) as part of the asphault manufacturing process.

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour said a supervisor at the plant was troubleshooting a problem with the line and instructed two workers to take off and replace a dump valve on the system, which had been shut off by a computer system. While the supervisor believed the hopper was empty, based on a computer reading, when one of the workers removed a flange joint on the equipment, scalding limestone poured out. It made contact with the worker, who suffered critical injuries.

Because no other steps were taken to ensure the pipeline system was drained, the company was found to have violated the health and safety act.