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Clorox Canada works with the Ontario Government and AdvantAge Ontario to support seniors

This program builds off of Clorox's $1 million donation of disinfecting products to LTC homes in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia

September 8, 2020  by CM Staff

Clorox Canada launches the Support with Strength Program to support the long-term care sector alongside the Ontario Government and AdvantAge Ontario. The program provides long-term care homes with leading cleaning and disinfecting technology and highlights the importance of community and togetherness. Pictured above: Premier Doug Ford, Jackie Levin, Larry Levin, Interim CEO Shalom Village, Dave Iacobelli, President and General Manager, Clorox Canada, Lisa Levin, CEO AdvantAge Ontario. (PHOTO: Clorox Canada)

TORONTO — On Sept. 3, Clorox announced the launch of its ‘Support with Strength’ program, which aims to support seniors living in long-term care (LTC) homes as we battle through the pandemic. This program builds off of Clorox’s $1 million donation of disinfecting products to LTC homes in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia in support of Canada’s pandemic relief efforts.

“In the first few weeks of the pandemic, it became clear that those living in long-term care facilities and their staff were going to be particularly susceptible to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We made a conscious decision to provide LTC homes across Canada with disinfecting products to support their safety and protection,” said Dave Iacobelli, president and general manager of Clorox Canada, in a prepared statement. “We are also aware of the impact that social isolation has had on LTC residents. We wanted to go beyond our product donation and have our brand truly play a role in making the lives of seniors better.”

“Protecting our vulnerable seniors is one of our government’s top priorities, and we appreciate help from the private sector to bolster that protection,” said Merrilee Fullerton, Ontario’s Minister of Long-Term Care. “We are grateful to Clorox Canada for making it its mission to keep seniors safe and connected, particularly through the donation of disinfecting products and initiatives to support togetherness. Not only will our seniors be safer from infection, but they will remain connected to their loved ones.”

In anticipation of National Grandparents Day on September 13th, Clorox Canada will launch the ‘Support With Strength’ program to help seniors in LTC homes feel safer, connected and supported through this difficult time. As part of the program, Clorox will work with the Ontario government and AdvantAge Ontario to donate their Total 360 Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Systems to 25 LTC homes around the province, as well as accompanying disinfectant for each facility.


“We’re thrilled with Clorox’s donation that will benefit residents and staff in Ontario’s long term care homes. The disinfection systems and products will help our homes fight COVID-19, and the iPads will ensure that residents can stay connected with family members and loved ones in between in-person visits. Clorox’s generosity to support our members at this time is greatly appreciated,” said Lisa Levin, CEO of AdvantAge Ontario.

In conjunction with the product donations, Clorox will lead a series of other initiatives to help seniors remain connected to their friends and families. Many LTC homes have placed strict visitor policies since the pandemic began, so to help alleviate the feeling of isolation, Clorox will be donating and distributing one hundred (100) iPad® tablets to those same 25 LTC homes in Ontario.

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