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Tee Nuts
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Advance Fasteners Ltd. can supply a variety of T-nuts. Our selection includes prong style and weld style T-nuts with a range of options. For instance, some...

Waste Water Samplers
Arjay Engineering Ltd.
We provide a selection of waste water samplers for measuring the concentration of oil in water. Our products use fluorescence or light scatter technology t...

Repair & Refurbishing Gear Boxes
Rapid Gear
Gear box repair and refurbishing from Rapid Gear can restore your products’ performance and extend their lives. It is a given that parts will wear ou...

McRae Engineering Equipment Limited
Many types of silencers are available from McRae Engineering Equipment Limited. Just some of the varieties we can supply include absorptive, blower, engine...

Automated Material Handling Systems
Intercon Material Handling
Intercon Material Handling can provide custom-designed, automated systems for a broad variety of industries and applications. We have strong working relati...

Scheduling Software
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc. provides scheduling software that enables managers to easily create schedules that align with anticipated demand.  Our so...