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Trucking group touts ‘historic’ rate increase

After nine days of labour unrest, Ontario's independent truckers have signed a new deal

September 18, 2015  by Canadian Staff

BRAMPTON, Ont.—The Container Trucking Association of Ontario (CTAO) has finalized an historic agreement, signed by CTAO and transport industry CEO’s.

The CTAO says in a release that the settlement—which came after after 9 days of negotiations—includes a fair percentage increase in rates for the first time in more than a decade and is unprecedented in the North American container trucking industry.

Thousands of containers and commodities sat idle with an economic impact in the millions while CTAO members bemoaned low rates, increases in inflation, high operating costs, extensive wait-times at rail yards and long working hours.

“Both parties came together in good faith and we thank the CEO’s who have signed today. This was the result of a collective desire to get the drivers back on the road. After 10 years we have set the bar for container truckers and the standard that the industry respects,” said Patrick Rhodin, CTAO president


The CTAO represents 800 independent owner-operators and drivers who transport intermodal containers from the rail yards of CN and CP and have been involved in a labour dispute since giving advance notice of their intent on September 8, 2015.

“After six months of tense and very difficult negations and nine days of labour dispute we are elated that we have an unprecedented and historical agreement for the members of the CTAO. We applaud the CEO’s, who signed our CTAO proposal and agreement. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship,” said Ajay Chopra, chief labour negotiator

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