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Feds, New Brunswick give tree tappers $10M to boost maple syrup yield

Funds will be divvied up between 23 existing producers and syrup startups

November 8, 2016  by Canadian Staff


The federal funds will support 23 different producers looking to either start up operations or buy new equipment to increase their scale

SAINT-QUENTIN, N.B.—Maple syrup makers in northwest New Brunswick are getting $10 million from the federal and provincial governments.

The two tiers of government said Nov. 7 the funds will cover expansions at 19 existing businesses and the startup of four other syrup operations in New Brunswick’s Madawaska and Restigouche regions.

The East Coast province is the third-largest maple syrup producer in the world, and the investment is expected to create jobs while boosting the province’s exports. New Brunswick already produces approximately 1.8 million kilograms of syrup every year.

The funds will support a range of upgrades including new taps, sap collection equipment and sugar shack expansions.


Though Canada’s maple syrup industry continues to thrive—with Quebec continuing to produce the majority of the world’s syrup—the industry is facing increased competition from south of the border.