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OHS Canada: Burnt out? Tips on protecting yourself through COVID-19

by OHS Canada   

OHS Canada
Human Resources

Monitoring your own mental health is critical at this time

The workload for OH&S professionals hasn’t gotten any lighter through the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Christopher Hurley. (Orbon Alija/Getty Images)

Regardless of your vocation, we are all officially neck deep in workplace pandemic management.

COVID-19 has presented unique and unprecedented challenges in maintaining safe workplaces across Canada.

The good news is, across the board, Canada has fared far better than many other nations. That success has been driven by the efforts of everyone from public health officials to safety professionals to each and every person that ventures out into this strange new world we find ourselves in. Like most successes, it’s due to a total team effort!

It requires buy-in from all parties and engagement all the way down to the individual. So remember, this isn’t all on just you!


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