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Design Engineering: AI-based automation software

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Design Engineering
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Festo AX software designed to optimize machine and process performance and uptime.

Festo AX, a machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) software. (Photo credit: Festo)

Festo announced the launch of the Festo Automation Experience (Festo AX), a machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) software platform designed to ensure maximum uptime and automate quality assurance and energy monitoring.

As a monitoring and maintenance management tool, machine and process data is sent directly to Festo AX where it is processed by algorithms for real-time analytics. When that data deviates from the “healthy state,” the system notifies operating personnel – via computer, tablet, and/or smart phone – as to which components are involved and recommends corrective action, in clear and easily understood language.

The company says Festo AX can reduce waste by more than 50%, product rejection costs by more than 45%, unplanned downtime by 20+%, while improving machine availability more than 25%. As evidence, the company points to a predictive quality application for silicon wafers production for which Festo AX lowered waste per machine per year by $100,000. Similarly, in a premium-segment auto plant producing 1,000 cars per day, the company says Festo AX is credited with decreasing unplanned downtime by 25%.

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