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Canadian Plastics: Sea of opportunity at Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing

by Gail Robertson   

Canadian Plastics
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Doug Brockman, the company's new general manager, is an example of finding opportunities in the world of plastics.

Doug Brockman. Photo Credit: Gail Robertson

“Hot Job” was his nickname back in the day.

Hard work is not new to Doug Brockman, and he also likes to take on challenges when he sees opportunity.

His worth ethic started during his days growing up on a dairy farm in Essex County. Dairy farming is a 24/7/365 job since cows don’t take vacations from milking!

Brockman is an example of finding opportunities in manufacturing – and specifically in the world of plastics. He picked up moldmaking as a trade but soon decided he wanted to be part of making change, and looked for opportunities in a company that had room to move up the ladder. He spent 39 years at Active Industrial Solutions and approximately 42 years in the industry before landing the gig of assistant GM at tooling supplier Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd., in Windsor, Ont., and then more recently GM after the retirement of Tim Galbraith.


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