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Heinz Ketchup bottle launches on Loop to bring reusable solutions to Canada

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Heinz's recyclable glass bottle is now available for home delivery through Loop

Heinz’s recyclable glass bottle is now reusable through (CNW Group/Kraft Heinz Canada)

TORONTO — Kraft Heinz Canada announced that Heinz ketchup is partnering with Loop to eliminate waste.

The new partnership comes at a time when two-thirds of Canadians are more concerned with staying safe while shopping due to COVID-19 than reducing plastic packaging. The glass Heinz ketchup bottle is designed for repeat use and is delivered through a reusable, fully circular packaging initiative. Loop collects empty containers after use and works with manufacturers like Heinz to sanitize and refill them.

“Our iconic Heinz ketchup glass bottle has always been available in a recyclable glass bottle, but now it’s reusable, too, thanks to our partnership with Loop,” said Bruno Keller, President, Kraft Heinz Canada, in a prepared statement. “We know protecting our planet requires collective action, so we are proud to be taking this practical step to make sustainable options easier for Canadians. The Loop partnership is part of our broader sustainability goal to make 100 per cent of our packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025.”

A recent survey by Kraft Heinz Canada showcased that Canadians do have an appetite for more sustainable options, even if it does have an incremental cost. Heinz ketchup purchased on Loop will include a fully refundable deposit charge, similar to the deposit Canadians are accustomed to paying for beer and wine bottles.


“It’s important that, despite the challenges of COVID-19, we in corporate Canada don’t lose sight of long-term environmental goals,” said Keller. “Our recent survey also revealed that 79% of Canadians agree — long-term corporate sustainability goals matter even in light of COVID-19 concerns. They are looking for companies to step up and work toward a better future — and our partnership with a reusable, zero-waste grocery service is a great way to do just that.”


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