Canadian Manufacturing
April, 15 2014

Saleen releases rendering of tuned Tesla Model S

Tuning house said the first Saleen Model S will be out this summer

April, 16 2014

Ontario electricity rates set to rise slightly over summer months

Prices will increase by about 2.4 per cent across board starting May 1, according to OEB
April, 16 2014

Massive fertilizer plant slated for Quebec gets approval from province

IFFCO Canada plant would produce as much as 1.6 million tonnes of granular urea annually

April, 16 2014

Keystone XL: Ex-U.S. president comes out opposed to pipeline

Jimmy Carter signed letter urging U.S. President Barack Obama to reject project
April, 16 2014

Molson, Miller heading to court in beer brand skirmish

Miller wants to terminate its marketing agreement with Molson and begin marketing its brands in Canada, while Molson has other ideas.

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How SR&ED can help pay for your ERP

Successful applications hinge on well-documented manufacturing improvements
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Leasing and asset financing—answers to some common questions

The right strategy allows your shop floor to keep pace with business growth


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Managing your workforce for cost savings and an agile shop floor

An actualized workforce leads to innovation, cost control and streamlined management of employees and labour policies
CETA Trade Resource

Beef, cars, electronics targeted in Japan-Australia trade pact

Japan will gradually phase out its tariffs on Australian beef while Australia will end tariffs on Japanese vehicles, appliances and electronics
April, 16 2014

SWN Resources proposing new test wells in New Brunswick

Exploration manager said company has no plans to proceed with fracking at well sites
April, 16 2014

Hydro-Quebec teams with Sony to develop large scale energy storage systems

Two sides hope to stabilize fluctuations in electricity generated by renewable energy sources
April, 16 2014

Think-tank lauds Alberta energy watchdog’s new emissions rules

Pembina Institute called rules positive step that recognizes health concerns related to industry

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