Canadian Manufacturing


November 15, 2019

Oxford Properties to develop Canada’s first multi-level distribution centre

Comprising 707,000 square feet over two levels, the project will be built at Oxford's Riverbend Business Park in Burnaby, B.C

November 15, 2019

SMEs say trade is key to economic growth: FedEx survey

57% believe increasing the amount of trade between Canada and other countries will help their businesses
November 15, 2019

Trudeau finishes meetings with opposition leaders with Elizabeth May

May has stepped down as party leader, but is still the head of the Greens' three-member caucus in the House of Commons
November 15, 2019

NDP has more leverage with Libs because the Bloc not a national party: Singh

Singh met Trudeau in Ottawa Thursday to try to leverage his party's position in a minority government

November 15, 2019

Ousted ambassador testifies ouster helped ‘shady interests’

Former U.S. Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch opened the second day of Trump impeachment hearings
November 15, 2019

GM strike pushes U.S. industrial production down 0.8% last month

U.S. production of cars and auto parts plunged 7.1% amid the GM strike

November 15, 2019

China issues plan to promote high tech manufacturing

Beijing has resisted U.S. pressure to roll back development plans seen by Communist leaders as a path to prosperity and global influence
November 15, 2019

Consumer Reports finds vehicle redesigns come with glitches

Consumer Reports says auto companies are making more changes faster, and that's causing more complaints from owners of new or redesigned models



Manufacturing in a Connected World: The Principles of Industry 4.0


Business Intelligence


Get off of paper

Why it’s important to adopt digital business tools

Benefits of stainless steel washdown motors

Stainless steel washdown motors provide the best characteristics for any application that requires frequent washdowns with minimum downtime
Global Business

Manufacturing in a Connected World: The Principles of Industry 4.0

Four design principles underpin the journey to achieving the full potential of Industry 4.0

Cleantech Canada

November, 15 2019

Volkswagen donation to expand U.S. forest by 1,500 acres

The automaker will donate US$1.25 million to help expand Cherokee National Forest near the company's Chattanooga plant
November, 15 2019

Electric cars, building retrofits in Yukon plan to fight climate change

The plan is to have one in six vehicles powered by electricity by the end of the decade
November, 14 2019

1.8M items of garbage strewn over Bay of Fundy bottom, study estimates

Plastics, especially plastic bags, comprised slightly over half of the total, while fishing gear ranging from traps to gloves was close to 30%

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