Canadian Manufacturing
October 31, 2014

Canada’s agriculture system hampering TPP trade talks

Ambassador Gary Doer is "delighted" when Canada is accused of playing hardball in Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations

October 31, 2014

QR codes to boost Mercedes safety in Canada

Daimler's QR codes will provide first responders with safety-relevant vehicle information
October 31, 2014

Argentina sets new rules to attract shale investment

The measure cuts the minimum investment needed for energy companies to be exempt from import controls

October 31, 2014

U.S. economy on the comeback trail in Q3

Economists note that key decisions made by the Federal Reserve during the recession appear to be paying off
October 31, 2014

U.S. EPA removes 2 Mich. sites from Great Lakes contamination list

The move marks progress in efforts to restore toxic hot spots from the region's early manufacturing era

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Manufacturing Innovation

How to tell if your company is ready for ERP

Company size and an assessment of your operations are good indicators
Financial Management

Getting past ‘sticker shock’ to upgrade plant machinery

Financing allows the focus to shift to revenue growth and efficiency


Productivity Improvement

How accurate is your payroll?

Use Six Sigma to deliver the perfect paycheck—one that is accurate, ready on time and produced for a predictable cost.
CETA Trade Resource

Dispute settlement provisions make CETA a tough sell in Germany

It's improbable that the EU will be able to ratify CETA without Germany's support, but acceding to Germany's demands will likely kill the deal
October, 28 2014

Lafarge to dispose of 167 truckloads of fracking wastewater

The wastewater is left over from drilling that happened seven years ago
October, 28 2014

Utility battery maker looks to move into former cigarette plant

A small start-up company Alevo is seeking no state or federal tax breaks or other subsidies to set up shop in North Carolina
October, 27 2014

LNG not the climate change solution B.C. promises: report

Report pokes holes in B.C. government's claim exporting LNG the greatest single step province can take to fight climate change

Made possible by: Climate Change & Emissions Management Corporation


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