Canadian Manufacturing
April, 17 2014

Alfa Romeo 4C coupe set to launch in Canada this summer

4C set to debut in Canada in June or July, according to Chrysler Group executive

April, 17 2014

CVTech subsidiaries win combined $51M contracts in U.S., Quebec

Deals include construction of three ground-mounted solar systems in New Jersey worth $17-million
April, 17 2014

Ontario unions join forces, vow to battle Wynne’s ‘devastating cuts’

The governing Liberals are reportedly demanding clawbacks and concessions on health and retiree benefits, sick pay and salary progression

April, 17 2014

Nova Scotia town votes for dissolution after losing key employers

After Fundy Gypsum and Minas Basin Pulp and Paper shuttered over the last six years, the town's tax revenues have fallen by about one third
April, 17 2014

Stunning Alfa Romeo 4C to make U.S. showroom debut [VIDEO]

The styling leans heavily on the 1967 33 Stradale—widely considered one of the most beautiful cars of all time; no word yet on Canadian debut

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How SR&ED can help pay for your ERP

Successful applications hinge on well-documented manufacturing improvements
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Leasing and asset financing—answers to some common questions

The right strategy allows your shop floor to keep pace with business growth


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Beef, cars, electronics targeted in Japan-Australia trade pact

Japan will gradually phase out its tariffs on Australian beef while Australia will end tariffs on Japanese vehicles, appliances and electronics
April, 17 2014

Fracking waste set to be removed from Nova Scotia town

About five million litres of waste water is currently being stored in Debert, N.S., near Halifax
April, 17 2014

NEB grants 25-year LNG export licence to Triton partnership

Triton looking to move about 2.3 million tonnes of LNG per year to Asian markets
April, 17 2014

B.C. reverses decision on environment rules for natural gas

Decision would have exempted most natural gas produced in province from environmental assessment

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