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February 22, 2019

U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum could be gone in weeks, ambassador says

But David MacNaughton is playing coy about the source of his newfound optimism

February 22, 2019

Trudeau government posted $300M surplus in first nine months of 2018-19

The surplus is an improvement compared with the April-to-December period in 2017-18, when Ottawa posted a deficit of $8.9 billion
February 22, 2019

Using trade as a cudgel makes passing USMCA a challenge, says former congressman

Former New York congressman Joe Crowley says Trump has "weaponized" the issue of trade
February 22, 2019

Germany: Weapons firm ex-workers convicted over Mexico sales

The Stuttgart state court convicted a former sales manager of gun maker Heckler & Koch of exporting goods on the basis of fraudulently obtained permits, and an ex-clerk of being an accessory

February 22, 2019

U.K. acknowledges key trade deals won’t be ready by Brexit day

A no-deal Brexit would put the U.K. on the outside of the lucrative EU-Japan free trade deal
February 22, 2019

EU says it’s ready to hit back if U.S. imposes car tariffs

Trump says the U.S. is mulling tariffs on imported vehicles from Europe, suggesting a final decision will hinge on the two sides reaching a trade deal in the coming months

February 22, 2019

Regulator’s report unlikely to settle Trans Mountain pipeline expansion battle

On Tuesday, the NEB rejected a motion by filed on Jan. 21 demanding it add consideration of the project's upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions to its review of marine shipping issues
February 22, 2019

PCO Clerk fears ‘somebody’s going to be shot’ during coming election campaign

The hashtag #traitortrudeau has appeared on Twitter posts critical of the prime minister in recent weeks, and Michael Wernick says such language leads to assassination



Tough economic times are coming

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Finding funding for startups

New ventures require a good business plan, knowledgeable financers

From Farm to Fork

Digitalizing your food and beverage operations can offer a competitive edge while ensuring your traceability plan is recall ready
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Tough economic times are coming

SYSPRO webinar covers how smart manufacturers will weather the coming storm

Cleantech Canada

February, 21 2019

Canada rejects global ban on shipping recyclables as trash rots in Manila

The Philippines continues to press Canada to take back more than 100 containers filled with rotting household garbage shipped to Manila in 2013
February, 21 2019

Shrunken protest convoy leaves Ottawa after second day, enjoying Tory support

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer addressed the demonstration, rallying support for oil and gas pipelines and the energy industry
February, 21 2019

CEOS for Royal Bank, Enbridge, call for better balance in energy policies

The country needs an energy strategy that will better balance environmental and Indigenous goals, they say

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