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August 23, 2016

Canadians paid average of $34,154 in taxes last year, says study

The Fraser Institute study says our tax tally includes many "hidden" business taxes that are passed along in the price of goods and services purchased

August 25, 2016

Slow cap-and-trade market is no big deal, says Ontario’s enviro minister

Ontario is projecting $1.9 billion per year after it joins California and Quebec in the cap-and-trade market, but that market is sputtering
August 25, 2016

Vale hit with fine for effluent discharge from Labrador mine

Company will pay $30,000 for incident, which spilled wastewater into nearby Anaktalak Bay in 2013
August 25, 2016

U.S. coal towns hit by layoffs to receive federal grants

Appalachian Regional Commission says about 23,000 Appalachian coal jobs were lost between 2011 and 2015 as governments move away from coal-fired power plants

August 25, 2016

Notley ready for a battle over power purchase agreements

Alberta's Premier Rachel Notley said power companies were seeking a "free ride" in trying to unload $2-billion in losses on the province's taxpayers
August 25, 2016

Has the federal government dropped the ball on Ring of Fire development?

Justin Trudeau has claimed the previous Tory government dragged its feet on building up the region, but does the claim pass muster?

August 25, 2016

Have central banks exhausted their options?

The world's central banks managed to ease panic and rescue the advanced economies. But they haven't been able to ignite spending and restore their economies to full health
August 25, 2016

Town of Asbestos, Que. seeks new image after mine closure

What was Canada's largest asbestos mine opened after the mineral was discovered in the region in the late 1870s


Success Centres

Safety & Sustainability

Updated online course helps prepare Ontario Master Electrician candidates for exam

Course is designed to expand the knowledge and skills of electricians
Energy Efficiency

BMW introduces home energy storage unit using spent batteries from all-electric i3

German car company becomes latest automaker to repurpose its battery technology, will roll into energy industry with new second-life battery
Industrial Edge

Windsor, Ont.’s Cavalier Tool launching $6M expansion as business booms

Having tripled its sales over the past eight years, tool maker is adding floor space, investing in new equipment as it works to keep up with demand


Financial Management

Financing turnkey automation systems

Complex projects require careful management of working capital
Manufacturing Innovation

Navigating the procurement process: preparing your plant for a quality audit

If you find yourself scrambling to get your facility ready—you're probably already way behind, says Alps Welding president Dennis Dussin
Technology Showcase

How versatile is your core drill?

Multifunctional machines, speed memory and automatic functioning give operators an edge


Productivity Improvement

Anaerobic adhesives improve the reliability of threaded fasteners

Prevent equipment failure and downtime from accidental loosening
Electrical Testing

Electrical testing in manufacturing plants: Beyond the bridge

Test sets produces accurate results at frequencies up to 400 Hz
Export Success Skills

Expanding south of the border: why the time is now for Canadian manufacturers to make the move

Many Canadian manufacturers think they will face daunting challenges in expanding into the U.S. They should not be so easily deterred

Cleantech Canada

August, 25 2016

Nova Scotia wind turbine collapse a Canadian first, but not unique

With more than 300,000 turbines now installed worldwide, catastrophic failures and collapses are rare, but not unheard of
August, 25 2016

Second-life electric vehicle batteries could ‘transform’ energy storage market

Report says repurposing spent EV batteries will drastically cuts cost of stationary storage
August, 25 2016

Innergex brings 40.6 MW hydro project in southern B.C. fully online

Run-of-river hydro plant is expected to power about 12,700 homes

Made possible by: Climate Change & Emissions Management Corporation

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