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Canadian Manufacturing
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Automotive TransportationManufacturing Operations Research & Development Sales & Marketing

MICHELIN launches new sizes for its winter tires

News May 5, 2021  
Electronics Infrastructure Public SectorManufacturing Operations Procurement Research & Development Small Business Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

Technology companies launch Canada’s semiconductor council

News May 5, 2021  
Human Resources Research & Development Risk & Compliance

OHS Canada: What lasting effects will COVID-19 have on worker health, safety?

Feature May 5, 2021   OHS Canada
Automotive Cleantech Electronics Energy Food & Beverage InfrastructureEnvironment Manufacturing Research & Development Sales & Marketing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Seneca and Kingbridge Centre form partnership to support environmental innovation in York region

News May 5, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Environment Research & Development Risk & Compliance

A new report finds waterways near industrial farms in Canada could be a public health threat

News May 5, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Public SectorResearch & Development Small Business

How the coronavirus pandemic is changing Toronto life and business – for better or worse

Feature May 5, 2021  
TextilesManufacturing Research & Development

Are graphene-coated face masks a COVID-19 miracle – or another health risk?

Feature May 5, 2021  
Manufacturing Research & Development

End-use industries recovery to propel coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers global market

News May 5, 2021  
Automotive Cleantech Energy TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing Research & Development Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Loop Energy and Aliant Battery announce partnership to develop hydrogen electric solutions

News May 4, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Automotive Infrastructure TransportationManufacturing Research & Development Sales & Marketing Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

Kinaxis and 4flow collaborate to reduce transportation spend and emissions

News May 4, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Manufacturing Research & Development

COVID vaccines: why waiving patents won’t fix global shortage – scientist explains

Feature May 4, 2021  
InfrastructureEnvironment Research & Development Sustainability

Tip of the iceberg: The true state of drinking water advisories in First Nations

Feature May 4, 2021   Cleantech Canada
ElectronicsResearch & Development Technology / IIoT

Feds report price reductions for data plans although more progress is needed

News May 4, 2021  
Manufacturing Research & Development Small Business Technology / IIoT

Manufacturers adopt digital strategy amid COVID-19

Feature May 3, 2021  
Automotive Cleantech Energy Infrastructure TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Awesense launches a digital energy marketplace to help develop clean energy solutions

News May 3, 2021   Cleantech Canada
InfrastructureManufacturing Operations Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Manufacturing excellence through data and analytics with these four initiatives

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Manufacturing Regulation Research & Development

EU drug regulator evaluating Pfizer vaccine for youngsters

News May 3, 2021  
Environment Research & Development

Alberta, B.C. caribou lose twice as much habitat from fire and industry as they gain

News May 3, 2021   Cleantech Canada
AutomotiveEnvironment Research & Development Sustainability

The trucking industry has begun to turn electric — but passenger vehicles will take a little longer

Feature May 3, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Environment Research & Development Sustainability

Watching a coral reef die as climate change devastates one of the most pristine tropical island areas on Earth

Feature May 3, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Mining & ResourcesResearch & Development

From making wine to managing mine waste, clay is important for many industries

Feature May 3, 2021  
Alcohol & CannabisResearch & Development

What the United States can learn from Canada’s cannabis clarity

Feature April 30, 2021  
Environment Research & Development Supply Chain

Canada has 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater reserves — this is how to protect it

Feature April 30, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Food & Beverage InfrastructureHuman Resources Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Small Business Sustainability

Talent shortage in Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing sector limiting economic recovery: Food Processing Skills Canada

News April 29, 2021  
Automotive Cleantech Energy TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing Research & Development Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Daimler Truck, Volvo plan to make fuel cells in Europe from 2025

News April 29, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Infrastructure Public SectorManufacturing Operations Research & Development Supply Chain Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Supply Chain Canada, York Region and municipalities partner to assess manufacturing supply chain

News April 29, 2021  
ElectronicsResearch & Development Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Canada should be transparent in how it uses AI to screen immigrants

Feature April 29, 2021  
Manufacturing Research & Development

The world is hungry for mRNA COVID vaccines like Pfizer’s. But we’re short of vital components

Feature April 28, 2021  
Environment Research & Development Sustainability

Bill C-230 marks an important first step in addressing environmental racism in Canada

Feature April 28, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Manufacturing Research & Development Technology / IIoT

High-tech contact lenses are straight out of science fiction — and may replace smart phones

Feature April 27, 2021