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Tesla releases teaser of new snake-like, self-guided charger [VIDEO]

Company's prototype autonomously 'finds its way' to Model S

August 7, 2015   by Canadian Staff

PALO ALTA, Calif—Tesla Motors may have seen its stock slump yesterday after it released a less-than upbeat sales forecast, but the company hit back quickly with a teaser video of a new, seemingly autonomous charger.

“Tesla Snakebot autocharger prototype. Does seem kinda wrong,” the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, tweeted.

Tesla’s current Model S charger allows customers to charge the vehicle anywhere there’s an outlet, coming equipped with adapters for different outlet voltages as well as a public charging station adapter.

But it makes you do the heavy lifting yourself – you have to plug it in. The next generation may axe that arduous task and come equipped with an autonomous upgrade.


The technology may be particularly well utilized at Tesla’s Supercharger stations, which allow customers to charge their Model S in minutes for free at 487 stations worldwide.

Watch Tesla’s Snakebot prototype charge a Model S

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