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Montreal’s PyroGenesis applies for plasma-fired steam generator patent

Plasma-fired steam generator uses electricity, plasma arcs to boil untreated water; could be applied to recycled water

December 10, 2014  by Cleantech Canada Staff

MONTREAL—PyroGenesis Canada Inc. announced it has filed for an international patent for a plasma-fired steam generator system.

The patent, which would give the company protection in 148 countries, including Canada and the United States, covers PyroGenesis’ plasma-fired steam generator, which uses electricity and plasma arcs to boil untreated water where “traditional water treatment processes are either unpractical or too costly.”

According to PyroGenesis, a high current low voltage power source is used to generate and power the plasma arcs, while plasma arcs are struck between conducting electrodes to provide the energy needed to produce steam.

The system has 28 patent claims, according to PyroGenesis.


“If awarded, this new patent will provide PyroGenesis with patent protection on technology that could replace traditional oil or gas fired boilers in remote locations,” PyroGenesis’ director of engineering Pierre Carabin said in a statement.

“And the boiler itself is a zero emission technology, requiring only electricity to operate, and as such when combined with green power, the PyroGenesis plasma-fired steam generator will become a complete cleantech solution.”

The technology could potentially be used for the production of high pressure steam directly from recycled water.

“The applications for this technology are widespread,” said P. Peter Pascali, PyroGenesis president and CEO, said. “And this patent will add quite nicely to our existing portfolio, which now exceeds 47 patents with hundreds of claims.”