Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing


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Cleantech Energy Public Sector Environment Manufacturing Operations Sustainability Technology / IIoT

EPCOR opens the kīsikāw pīsim solar farm

News September 21, 2022   News
Cleantech Energy Food & Beverage Infrastructure Environment Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Base Carbon and Citigroup to launch carbon reduction project in Vietnam

News May 30, 2022   Cleantech Canada
Energy Infrastructure Public Sector Environment Manufacturing Sustainability

H2O Innovation expands operation, adding $55.5M to backlog

News April 4, 2022  
Energy Food & Beverage Mining & Resources Public Sector Financing Manufacturing Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

Wonderware becomes AVEVA select partner and gets new name

News March 24, 2022  
Energy Mining & Resources Manufacturing Procurement Supply Chain

Algonquin Power & Utilities acquires New York American Water

News January 4, 2022  
Infrastructure Mining & Resources Environment Financing Manufacturing Research & Development Sales & Marketing

Water Care Company receives funding for water pilot project in Stoney Nakoda First Nation

News November 4, 2021  
Infrastructure Environment Manufacturing Operations Regulation Risk & Compliance Sustainability

Military arrives in Iqaluit to set up reverse osmosis water purification

News October 25, 2021  
Cleantech Energy Infrastructure Mining & Resources Environment Sustainability

UN report warns of global water crisis amid climate change

News October 5, 2021   News
Mining & Resources Public Sector Environment Operations Regulation Supply Chain Sustainability

Ontario to impose stricter requirements for water taking permits, pauses new bottling plants

News October 17, 2016   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Manufacturing

German consortium sets sights on Canadian waste water sector

News January 27, 2014   Cleantech Canada

Levi’s uses recycled PET for WasteLess denim

News October 16, 2012  
Energy Food & Beverage Oil & Gas Manufacturing

Ecolab to buy energy products firm for $2.2 billion

News October 12, 2012  
Energy Manufacturing

Water technologies investments reach $3.1 billion and rising

News June 5, 2012