Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

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Former SNC-Lavalin CEO made $7M in 2019, despite stepping down in June

News April 8, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Infrastructure Public Sector TransportationManufacturing

SNC, Aecon consortium to build Eglinton Crosstown LRT

News June 10, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Infrastructure Public SectorHuman Resources Operations

SNC-Lavalin’s chairman of the board resigns

News March 16, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing

Quebec economic development minister worried about SNC-Lavalin’s future

News February 23, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Infrastructure Public SectorOperations Regulation

SNC-Lavalin hit with fraud, corruption charges

News February 19, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin closes $3.1B sale of AltaLink to Berkshire Hathaway

News December 2, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & ResourcesHuman Resources

SNC-Lavalin to turf 4,000 workers globally as part of restructuring

News November 6, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Former SNC-Lavalin exec Ben Aissa pleads guilty in Switzerland

News October 2, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & GasOperations

U.K.-based Kentz shareholders approve SNC-Lavalin takeover

News August 12, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & ResourcesOperations

SNC-Lavalin wins $425M contract for Quebec diamond mine

News July 21, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & GasOperations

SNC-Lavalin buys U.K.-based oil and gas services firm for $2.1B

News June 23, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Feds set deadline for resource company payment reporting

News March 4, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin hires new compliance officer to lead ethics efforts

News February 24, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin implicated in alleged kickback scheme with Federal Bridge Corp.

News February 14, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin, WSP athorized to bid on public contracts in Quebec

News February 5, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin wins $87M Columbian oil transportation consulting deal

News January 10, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

More arrests in SNC-Lavalin corruption probe

News December 3, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin could sell AltaLink if price is right

News November 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC Lavanlin lowers 2013 outlook

News October 16, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Financing Operations Procurement

Former SNC-Lavalin exec charged with bribery in ongoing probe

News September 18, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy InfrastructureOperations Procurement

Ex-employee sues SNC-Lavalin, blames boss for alleged bribery

News September 9, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin denies ‘rumours’ it’s kicking tires on Kentz Corp.

News August 20, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin sues former VP Riadh Ben Aissa

News July 12, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin scandal highlights risks of public-private partnerships: CUPE

News June 28, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Oil & GasManufacturing

SNC Lavalin acknowledges UAE project was cover for agent payments

News June 27, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Oil & GasOperations

French authorities investigating SNC Lavalin over payments to Middle East

News June 26, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin hopes Algeria police raid will shed light on wrongdoing

News June 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC Lavalin’s Algeria office raided by police over public contract

News June 3, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
EnergyFinancing Operations

SNC-Lavalin unveils amnesty program in bid to battle corruption

News May 27, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

World bank alleges SNC Lavalin also commited misconduct in Cambodia

News April 19, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing