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Canadian Manufacturing
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Cleantech Manufacturing

Emissions from conventional oil and natural gas sector fell 24 per cent in the last decade, CAPP analysis shows

News August 31, 2023   News
Cleantech Energy Financing Manufacturing Sustainability

Feds support small modular reactor development in Saskatchewan

News August 21, 2023   News
Transportation Manufacturing

VIA TGF appoints Chief Executive Officer

News August 1, 2023  
Aerospace Manufacturing

SkyAlyne selected by the Government of Canada for Future Aircrew Training program

News July 31, 2023  
Food & Beverage Financing Manufacturing

Government of Canada supports Chocolat Lamontagne enhance its production capacity

News June 29, 2023  
Infrastructure Financing Manufacturing Operations

Canada contributes to the growth of Maille atelier collaboratif

News May 29, 2023  
Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Operations

The Government of Canada partners with Quebec communities to strengthen asset management

News May 19, 2023  
Financing Manufacturing Technology / IIoT

Government of Canada supports MuraLuxe’s growth

News May 5, 2023  
Automotive Cleantech Manufacturing

Government of Canada supports electrification of Langley School District’s bus fleet

News April 25, 2023   News
Transportation Environment Exporting & Importing Human Resources Manufacturing Operations

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 receives approval from the Government of Canada

News April 21, 2023  
Public Sector Financing Manufacturing Operations

Government reaches a tentative agreement with the IBEW for the electronics group

News April 14, 2023  
Electronics Financing Manufacturing Technology / IIoT

Canada invests in Ranovus to advance the semiconductor industry

News March 28, 2023  
Public Sector Human Resources Manufacturing

Government of Canada to host the Diversifying the Federal Supply Chain Summit

News March 17, 2023  
Cleantech Financing Manufacturing

Government of Canada supports the development of clean technologies in British Columbia

News March 16, 2023   News
Public Sector Manufacturing Supply Chain

Competition Bureau provides recommendations to improve competition law in Canada

News March 16, 2023  
Cleantech Financing Manufacturing Technology / IIoT

CME invests in advanced manufacturing technologies to automate production and reduce environmental footprint

News March 2, 2023   News
Financing Manufacturing Operations

Government of Canada supports Renostone production

News February 28, 2023  
Public Sector Financing Manufacturing

The Government of Canada selects Palette Skills as a lead recipient of the Upskilling for Industry Initiative

News February 27, 2023  
Public Sector Human Resources Manufacturing hosted a trades open house

News February 24, 2023  
Transportation Manufacturing

Minister of Transport provides an update on the next steps of the High Frequency Rail project in Peterborough

News February 23, 2023  
Cleantech Manufacturing

Government of Canada supports enim, a cleantech company developing solutions to climate change and waste management

News February 23, 2023   News
Automotive Cleantech Electronics Financing Manufacturing Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Q&A with NGen CEO Jayson Myers

Feature February 23, 2023   Profiles
Cleantech Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability

Canadians share their views on plastics labelling and tracking plastic products nationally

News February 17, 2023  
Financing Manufacturing Operations Research & Development

Biodextris invests in a biologics Contract Development and Manufacturing Centre

News February 13, 2023  
Food & Beverage Financing Manufacturing Research & Development

Government of Canada invests in small businesses developing solutions to improve food safety

News January 27, 2023  
Automotive Cleantech Transportation Financing Manufacturing Sustainability

Government of Canada funds purchase of new electric buses for Ottawa

News January 20, 2023   News