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Canadian Truck King Challenge conquers mid-size trucks

Feature March 5, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
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Takata airbag recall saga keeps getting worse

News February 17, 2016   Canadian Manufacturing
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GM invests $500m in Uber competitor Lyft as part of plan to speed self driving car development

News January 4, 2016   Canadian Manufacturing
AerospaceFinancing Operations Research & Development Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

GM funding University of Waterloo research chair, launches ‘research outpost’

News November 11, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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10 automakers to add automatic braking in all new cars

News September 14, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace AutomotiveExporting & Importing Manufacturing Operations Regulation Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

Automakers hire rocket scientists to examine faulty air bags

News February 27, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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Big GM recall involves 14 models

News October 6, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

New models, China sales to prop GM up in coming years: Barra

News October 1, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Toyota still tops in global auto sales, VW beats GM for runner-up

News July 30, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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GM internal email warned about stalling Impala sedans a decade ago

News June 20, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing