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November 6, 2023
Canadian construction leaders come to Ottawa to urge federal government to partner with the construction industry

Financing Manufacturing

October 23, 2023
Federal government invests in expanding pilot training in Calgary

Financing Manufacturing

October 3, 2023
Federal Government and FCM invest in energy-saving solutions in Hamilton

Financing Manufacturing

August 25, 2023
Federal government posts $3.62 billion surplus for April to June

Financing Manufacturing

July 28, 2023
Federal government posts $1.5B surplus for first two months of fiscal year

Manufacturing Operations Small Business Supply Chain

July 11, 2023
Half of Canadian small businesses affected by BC ports strike; three quarters call on government to end it immediately

Human Resources Manufacturing Operations

May 15, 2023
Federal government and Stellantis must deliver on commitments to safeguard Canadian jobs, says Unifor

Financing Manufacturing Regulation

May 2, 2023
Canada’s federal transfer payment system badly needs a tune-up

Manufacturing Operations Technology / IIoT

April 4, 2023
Here’s how the Rogers-Shaw merger could benefit Canadian customers


March 3, 2023
How to win over Alberta on the ‘just transition’ to a low-carbon energy sector

Financing Manufacturing

February 27, 2023
The Government of Canada selects Palette Skills as a lead recipient of the Upskilling for Industry Initiative

Financing Manufacturing

January 20, 2023
Feds launch ZEV website landing page and invest in EV chargers

Environment Manufacturing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

April 25, 2022
Transport Canada to expand incentives for zero-emission vehicles program