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Aerospace Automotive Energy Infrastructure Mining & Resources Oil & Gas Manufacturing

Windsor steel producer retrofits legacy lighting system with LEDs

News August 13, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Automotive Cleantech Energy Mining & Resources Oil & Gas Public Sector Transportation Manufacturing

Holcim Inc.’s energy manager tapped into $5.6 million in conservation incentives

News July 30, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Cleantech Transportation Manufacturing

Auto parts maker drives energy savings from compressed air systems

News July 10, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & Resources Environment Financing Operations Procurement Sustainability

Catalyst pumping $16M into Maine pulp and paper mill

News May 22, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Energy Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Brick Brewing invests in efficiency

News May 17, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Manufacturing

Energy efficiency: part of a complex puzzle

News January 28, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Energy Regulation Sustainability

Alberta could save money, cut GHG emissions with incentives: report

News January 14, 2014   Cleantech Canada

U.S. ranks first in using tax code to influence sustainable corporate activity

News April 25, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Sustainability

GM takes charge in energy reduction challenge, saves $90-million

News December 5, 2012  
Energy Operations

Obama issues energy plan to bolster US manufacturing

News August 30, 2012  
Energy Food & Beverage Sustainability

KPMG: Canadian food manufacturers investing heavily in sustainability strategies

News April 26, 2012  
Energy Sustainability

Time to tackle your carbon footprint

News November 17, 2011  
Energy Food & Beverage Operations Sustainability

Producers cutting back on power use

News August 4, 2011  
Energy Sustainability

Sustainability risks, opportunities

News December 1, 2010  
Energy Sustainability

Make sustainability your business

News November 25, 2010  

Sustainable manufacturing conference

News November 19, 2010