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Cambrian College Powerline program gets a donation from Alectra Utilities

News October 5, 2022  
Cleantech Energy Public Sector Environment Manufacturing Regulation

Ontario considering the refurbishment of a nuclear plant as electricity demands rise

News September 29, 2022   News
Electronics Energy Mining & Resources Manufacturing

U.S. Department of Energy launches consortium cadmium telluride solar cell tech

News September 15, 2022   Cleantech Canada
Electronics Energy Infrastructure Public Sector Environment Manufacturing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

FortisBC says energy conservation efforts are serving the public

News July 26, 2022  
Automotive Cleantech Energy Infrastructure Public Sector Environment Manufacturing Regulation Sustainability

Ontario searching for new electricity generation as demand rises and nuclear plant is set to be retired

News July 18, 2022   News
Electronics Infrastructure Manufacturing

Industrial Process Products & Technology: Piezoelectric actuators play an important role in space

Feature June 2, 2022   IPP&T
Cleantech Electronics Energy Infrastructure Public Sector Environment Manufacturing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

BIPV to install solar energy solution at SMU in Halifax, NS

News April 20, 2022   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Energy Environment Manufacturing

A new approach finds materials that can turn waste heat into electricity

Feature December 17, 2021  
Energy Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Technology / IIoT

Thermostat manufacturer announces partnership with BC Hydro to offer rebates on products

News October 15, 2021  
Electronics Infrastructure Environment Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

Schneider Electric ranks 4th in Gartner’s Top 25 Supply Chain Award

News May 21, 2021   News
Electronics Energy Infrastructure Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Schneider Electric and Workbench Energy enter partnership on energy management solutions

News March 26, 2021  
Automotive Energy Infrastructure Oil & Gas Public Sector Manufacturing

Tackling the challenges of protection relay testing

News May 21, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Sustainability

Genalta project in Alberta generating electricity from excess gas

News February 23, 2015   Cleantech Canada
Energy Small Business

Electricity prices to rise slightly in Ontario next month

News October 17, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Procurement

Mexico to put US$4.9B in energy projects up for private bids

News August 19, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Manufacturing

Missed energy savings in manufacturing

News January 13, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Manufacturing

First Nations electricity transmission company to bring power to remote Ontario communities

News April 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

Nikola Tesla’s N.Y. lab to be restored

News October 2, 2012  
Energy Manufacturing

$1.7 billion merger creates massive U.S. power company

News July 23, 2012  
Energy Manufacturing

GE to split up energy business

News July 20, 2012  
Energy Manufacturing

Duke, Progress complete energy merger

News July 4, 2012  
Energy Infrastructure Manufacturing

Energy transmission market could hit $170 billion

News June 21, 2012  
Energy Manufacturing

Nuclear fallout: $7.4B

News August 9, 2011  
Energy Operations Research & Development Sustainability

New solar cell

News June 29, 2011  
Automotive Transportation Manufacturing

Chrysler manufactures trucks with Canadian batteries

News January 27, 2011  

India to open bidding for 100 solar projects

News September 1, 2010