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Canadian Manufacturing


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Cleantech Manufacturing Research & Development Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Mantra comissions CO2 recycling pilot project at Lafarge B.C. plant

News March 25, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Research & Development

Volkswagen Group spent $15.5B on enviro R&D in 2013

News March 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Technology / IIoT

Maritimes firm cements place in carbon capture sector

News March 3, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Manufacturing

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture

News February 18, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Financing

Sustainable food fund gets a boost

News February 5, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Manufacturing

Energy efficiency: part of a complex puzzle

News January 28, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Regulation

Carbon mitigation and verification come full circle with CSA partnership

News January 28, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Regulation

Colombian coffee growers selling carbon offsets

News January 7, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Technology / IIoT

Combatting GHG emissions with cleantech [VIDEO]

News January 3, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Manufacturing

World leaders converging in Edmonton for low carbon conference

News December 11, 2013   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Regulation

US companies urge Obama to move forward with climate change action plan

News November 20, 2013   Cleantech Canada
Energy Sustainability

EU lawmakers back plan to fix ailing carbon market

News July 3, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Sustainability

Canadian scientists set guidelines for carbon capture and storage

News November 15, 2012  

Canada’s low carbon strategy: a $236-billion decision

News October 18, 2012  
Energy Food & Beverage Environment Operations Sustainability

Molson Coors sets environmental sustainability targets for 2020

News August 22, 2012  
Energy Transportation Sustainability

Canada nearly half way to meeting 2020 emissions target

News July 26, 2012  
Energy Sustainability

German scientists develop lighter-than-air material

News July 23, 2012  
Cleantech Energy Manufacturing

CleanTech M&A hit $21 billion in Q1

News June 26, 2012  

Green accounting gaining ground: how to price nature

News June 18, 2012  
Energy Sustainability

Hydro-Qu├ębec studies osmosis as energy resource

News March 29, 2012  
Cleantech Energy Manufacturing

$6.3-million investment for cool cleantech

News May 31, 2011  
Energy Manufacturing

Carbon-cutting technologies to get investments in the trillions

News February 16, 2011