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Tesla expands electric car charging network in US, Canada

by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff   

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New stations being added in Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal areas

PALO ALTO, Calif.—As Tesla Motors continues to push the viability of its high-priced luxury all-electric sedan, the automaker says it is expanding its network of so-called “Superchargers” throughout the United States and Canada.

First launched in October 2012, Tesla’s quick-charging network is set to grow exponentially within the next year, allowing drivers of the Model S to take the proclaimed “ultimate road trip” throughout North America—without paying for fuel.

According to the automaker, it plans to triple the number of Supercharger stations by the end of June, with more stations in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland in the northwest, and Illinois, Colorado, Texas and California.

Within six months, Tesla says drivers will be able to hook up with the network in “most” major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada, including stations connecting Ottawa and Montreal.

The Superchargers available in the Model S allow the car to be fully in about 20 minutes following three hours of driving.


The goal of the network is to extend the range of the electric car.


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