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Ontario insulated panel plant cuts energy use by 60,000 kWh

Kingspan Insulated Panels installed voltage regulator at 300,000 sq.ft. facility in Caledon, Ont.

July 18, 2013   by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff

CALEDON, Ont.—Kingspan Insulated Panels has reduced the annual energy consumption at its Ontario plant by more than 60,000 kWh as the company inches closer to its 2020 net zero goal.

The 300,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Caledon, Ont., northwest of Toronto, has also eliminated more than 11 tons of greenhouse gas emissions after installing a voltage regulator, according to Legend Power Systems Inc.

Legend, whose Harmonizer-AVR was installed at the insulated panel plant in March, says the device saves the energy equivalent of removing 450 standard flourescent light bulbs.

The Harmonizer-AVR was installed in a building’s electrical room where power enters a building and regulates incoming voltage levels, according to Legend Power.


The company says power utilities are unable to fine tune voltage levels on the power grid, which can result in energy waste due to a higher than necessary voltage supply at the building level.

Installation of the voltage regulator is part of Kingspan’s sustainability plan, which includes a global mandate to become a net zero company by 2020, with its buildings producing as much energy as they consume.

“We are extremely pleased to be a part of Kingspan’s Path to Net Zero initiative,” Legend Power CEO Randy Buchamer said in a statement.

“Environmental excellence is one of our core values; we are excited to see our product deliver such great results while working with a company so committed to sustainability.”

Florida-based Kingspan is the largest insulated panel manufacturer in North America, with locations in Ontario and British Columbia, and throughout the United States.