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New charging station puts CAA SCO on electric vehicle grid

by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff   

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Outdoor charging post at Thornhill, Ont., headquarters free to use for electric vehicle owners

THORNHILL, Ont.—CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) has unveiled its first electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot of its headquarters.

Located in Thornhill, Ont., just north of Toronto, the new charging post was installed by Siemens Canada and electric vehicle owners can charge up at no cost, compliments of CAA SCO.

“Installing the new charging station is just one step in our continued efforts to help educate and support motorists no matter what they drive,” CAA SCO director of government and community relations Teresa Di Felice said in a statement.

The dual level II charger provides two 7.2-kilowatt (kW) ports with retractable cords and is designed for outdoor use.


“Siemens’ electric vehicle infrastructure solutions offer municipalities, corporations, fleets and utilities a smart, safe and simple method to charge electric vehicles,” Siemens Canada CEO Robert Hardt said. “We’re excited to work with CAA SCO in supporting (its) green initiatives and contributing to the growing electric vehicle infrastructure in Canada.”

CAA SCO has also added a zero emissions, fully electric vehicle, to its corporate fleet.

The Nissan Leaf is a company vehicle to be used by employees for corporate events, conferences and off-site meetings.

“Alternative fuel vehicles help reduce the impact of driving on the environment,” Di Felice said. “Having our own electric vehicle shows our members we are leading the way in accepting new technologies.”


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