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National approach to energy a must: Shell

by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff   

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Shell Canada president says collaboration is necessary to achieve national energy initiatives

CALGARY—Shell Canada will take a more national approach to energy in hopes of paving the way for Canada’s emergence as a global energy superpower, according to the company’s president.

“Canada’s emergence as a global energy superpower hinges on the country’s ability to develop a truly national approach to energy,” said Lorraine Mitchelmore, Shell Canada president and country Chair. “A national energy strategy will support a balanced approach to strengthening the economy, improving the environment, and turning environmental stewardship into economic advantage.”

She says Canada has all the hallmarks necessary to become a global energy leader and developing a new energy strategy will involve collaboration between, governments, energy firms and Canadian communities.

“Key elements of the strategy should be a price on carbon, sustainable and affordable energy with a reduced carbon footprint, and a national rather than a regional approach to our energy market,” said Mitchelmore.


Canadians also need to accept that the country must have an export market for its energy products and that Canada is in a strong position within the global energy hierarchy, she added.

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“Along with Norway, we are the most stable, the most reliable and the most democratic of the world’s top 10 oil and gas producers. That’s a distinct competitive advantage given the current turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East, where five of the other top 10 are located,” she said.


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