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Skills Dynamics CEO warns supply chains must up their game following COVID-19

by CM Staff   

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David Rajakovich of Skill Dynamics warns that the result has been a wake-up call for supply chain and procurement management

David Rajakovich, Skill Dynamics

NEW YORK — The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 heavily affected supply chains and procurement in many sectors. The pandemic revealed a general lack of knowledge around, and a lack of adoption of, digital technology and strategy, according to the CEO of a leading eLearning business.

David Rajakovich of Skill Dynamics warns that the result has been a wake-up call for supply chain and procurement management.

He says that, in the ‘new normal’, supply chains have become more sophisticated and spread around the world. So, it’s time that companies mapped their supply chains in-depth to maximize their revenue assurance and not just cost savings.

In these vulnerable times, stockpiling has led to huge disruption in supply chain management. Therefore, disruption-related metrics will be needed to evaluate suppliers.


Skill Dynamics is the eLearning platform that’s delivered procurement and supply chain training to over 300,000 corporate employees. Rajakovich believes it’s high time supply chains upped their game.

He says, “Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen an immense increase of nearly 250% in training demand. The beginning of 2020 was shocking for everyone, and everything stopped, but managers quickly realized their employees need professional support because of the increase in worldwide remote work.

“Under normal circumstances, managers will pass the knowledge to their team. But because of COVID, they can’t do that as easily. Thus, the only option is external support. We’re all learning to live in a more-digital world.”

By acknowledging the need for eLearning in this fast-paced digital world, Skill Dynamics aims to deliver training relevant to all industries across the globe. In response to current market needs, the company has released training tailored to retail, and plans to introduce pharma into the mix, focusing on creating more sector-specific training.

Rajakovich says, “We’re making a real impact. For this reason and to answer new market demand, we decided it’s time to step up and become one all-encompassing procurement and supply chain eLearning powerhouse.”

“Our focus will be on procurement and supply chain teams’ professional development – keeping them up to date with all the latest tools, technologies and processes.”


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