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About PurchasingB2B magazine –

PurchasingB2B is Canada’s only business solutions magazine serving more than 18,500 procurement, financial and supply chain management professionals in the private and public sectors across all industries.

PurchasingB2B supports the Canadian supply chain community by delivering quality industry news, analysis and best practice information. We also provide multiple channels and thought leadership opportunities for our readers, association partners and suppliers to connect and share their expertise and knowledge.

About MM&D magazine –

MM&D serves the Canadian supply chain community. We do it by providing trusted information decision makers need to do their jobs more effectively.
Our editorial offers the latest news about developments in the supply chain—including new technologies, products, processes and solutions. We provide a how-to approach for supply chain managers in the warehousing, distribution and transportation functions of companies across the spectrum, from small to large, in all types of industry and retail.
We highlight best practices industry leaders are using to streamline their supply chain processes.

About Canadian Shipper (formerly Canadian Transportation & Logistics) –

Canadian Shipper is written for Canadian supply chain professionals, with a focus on the transportation link of the supply chain. Coverage includes manufacturing, resource, retail, and wholesale trade, who utilize motor carrier, rail, air, and/or marine transportation services. Editorial content includes news and analysis, industry profiles, geographic market reports, and analysis of issues and trends affecting supply chains either within Canada, or in the broader global theatre.

In addition to producing a weekly e-Newsletter (Canadian Shipper News) and online video series (Transportation Matters), Canadian Shipper produces a monthly update on specific modal trends, and maintains an annually published Transportation Buyers’ Guide.