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Dutch firm ASML offers to buy US light beam maker Cymer for around $2.55B

by The Associated Press   

Procurement ASML Holding NV Intel Corp. semiconductors

Intel, Samsung purchased stakes in chipmaker ASML earlier this year

AMSTERDAM—ASML Holding NV, the biggest supplier of equipment to semiconductor manufacturers, has offered to buy U.S. firm Cymer Inc. for around $2.55-billion in cash and shares.

Cymer’s technology makes focused beams of light.

ASML, which uses such beams in machines to trace out the circuits of computer chips, is a key supplier for the biggest chipmakers, including Intel Corp., Samsung Inc. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Intel, TSMC and Samsung all purchased stakes in ASML earlier this year.


ASML said its offer of $20.00 in cash and 1.1502 ASML shares per Cymer share represents a 61 per cent premium to Cymer’s average closing price over the past month.

The deal must be approved by regulators and Cymer shareholders.


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