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Worksport begins manufacturing line shipping process to U.S., estimated arrival one month earlier than expected.

by CM staff   

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The European manufacturing line has begun the shipping process to the company's factory in Western N.Y., with an estimated arrival date of February 28.

Richmond Hill — Worksport Ltd., US$4 million European manufacturing line has now begun the shipping process to the company’s wholly-owned 222,000 square feet factory in Western N.Y., with an estimated arrival date of February 28 – one month earlier than initially anticipated.

The manufacturing line is an essential for the company’s final preparations for full production of its advanced, proprietary hard-folding tonneau cover, and later, the proprietary Solis solar cover, for the growing pickup truck market.

“The expected arrival of this machinery is much anticipated and will be a significant milestone for the Company,” said Steven Rossi, CEO, Worksport. “We are excited to begin installation and training so that production of our hard-folding tonneau covers can begin as soon as possible. We believe that will enable us to steer the Company toward our long-stated goal of revenue growth.”

Upon its arrival, the company anticipates that the installation and training process will take several weeks, after which the company plans to conduct test runs. Although the company’s hard-folding tonneau covers are expected to be ready to be sold upon production, before the Solis solar cover can reach the market, the COR advanced hot-swap battery must be tested and completed.


“We had looked into other potential solutions that might have allowed the Company to start production without this custom machinery, but there wasn’t a viable alternative that we believe would enable us to meet our high standards for tonneau cover production” Rossi added. “If the installation of the new manufacturing line and training go as expected, we should be in full production with the hard-folding covers soon after. Then, we believe we will be well positioned to finish, test and perfect the Solis solar cover production line.”


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