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VERSES announces technical milestone and patent filing for its AI

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VERSES has employed a “neuromorphic” approach to its AI research and software development based on neuroscience research known as Active Inference which simulates the brain's processes for learning and problem-solving.

VANCOUVER — VERSES AI Inc., a cognitive computing company specializing in artificial intelligence, announces the filing of a patent application covering a milestone invention for automating the generation of intelligent software agents directly from data sets that can interact with both software and hardware systems, such as robots, drones, sensors, and actuators.

Today’s Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM), such as OpenAI’s GPT, Google’s BARD and Meta’s LLAMA, excel at creating content based on patterns inferred from their training data. However, their comprehension of underlying data remains rudimentary, mimicking rather than understanding, and they lack the ability to incorporate to new information post-training. This can produce inaccurate, biased, and potentially harmful responses which have resulted in calls for global AI regulation to ensure that AI can be aligned with human values and goals.

With the goal of developing human-centered intelligent agents, VERSES has employed a “neuromorphic” approach to its AI research and software development based on neuroscience research known as Active Inference which simulates the brain’s processes for learning and problem-solving.

VERSES AI Inc.’s new invention is designed to streamline and automate the creation of ‘intelligent agents’ or digital taskmasters. The process begins by creating a structured representation of the world, known as an HSML graph, and transforming it into a blueprint for how the agent should behave. This not only brings a new level of intelligence and adaptability to smart systems but we believe also represents a significant step forward in their scalability. Building on this, the next phase of the process tunes the agent to perform within a specific context, such as operating in a drone or vehicle or as a personal assistant or managing a smart home, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. By tailoring the agent to the particular context, task and hardware, the process seeks to create a seamless and effective operation. These two aspects of VERSES’ new invention work together with the aim of creating a more advanced, adaptable, and effective AI system.


“We believe our latest patent filing marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of AI,” said Gabriel René CEO of VERSES AI. “By enabling AI systems to understand and interact with people and the world, we believe our technology has the potential for an era where intelligent, adaptable, and scalable autonomous systems are able to meet complex real-world challenges head-on. The potential applications of this technology and its use in KOSM OS span across industries and regions seeking to leverage smarter and safer AI technology.”

In all industries including, but not limited to, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and education, the Company’s advancement is intended to create more efficient and effective AI solutions through the advent of increasingly intelligent, adaptable, and autonomous systems.


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