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Trium and L.L. Lessard partner to produce masks on a large scale

An automated machine makes disposable and reusable masks that eliminate almost 100% of the most common bacteria and viruses

July 9, 2020  by CM Staff

Reusable mask with BioSmart technology. PHOTO: Trium

MONTREAL — Trium Group, a manufacturer of corporate clothing and uniforms in Montreal, and L.L. Lessard, a manufacturer of apparel such as work clothing and school uniforms in Beauce, Que., are combining efforts to purchase a fully automated mask-making machine.

The unit is capable of making both disposable and reusable masks for use against COVID-19 featuring a patented fabric combination that eliminates almost 100% of the most common bacteria and viruses. A simple wash with bleach reactivates the chlorine contained in its fibres to ensure optimal protection.

The machine is capable of producing up to 1.5 million masks per month, including more technical three-ply versions.


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