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Trends in shop floors boost demand for portable CMMS, Frost & Sullivan

by CM Staff   

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There is increased demand for the articulated-arm CMM or AACMM and the handheld CMM segments. 

portable coordinate measuring machines

SAN ANTONIO — Research from Frost & Sullivan says the growing demand for automation across multiple sectors has inflated the need for coordinate measuring machines or CMMs with the highest demand in automotive and machine shops.

There is reportedly an increased demand for the articulated-arm CMM or AACMM and the handheld CMM segments.

Taking these and other factors into account, Frost & Sullivan projects the market for CMMs will reach $564 million by 2025.

“Customers’ increased preference for adopting complete or piecemeal Industry 4.0 solutions will augment the need for inline measurement and inspection,” said Ram Ravi, senior industry analyst, industrial practice, Frost & Sullivan.

“Further, manufacturers’ need to maximize productivity on the shop floor will drive more automation and robotics, pushing the demand for portable CMMs.”

To take advantage of the growing portable CMM industry, market participants should:

Frost & Sullivan says that those wanting to take advantage of growth in the portable CMM industry should focus on performing quality inspections to boost the efficiency of EV powertrains and electric motors. In keeping with the momentum of EV sales, Frost & Sullivan also recommends integrating scanners into CMMs to accelerate the measurement process.

Finally, the consulting and research firm has also suggested the integration of scanners into arms for quality control and inspection purposes.


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