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There is a sustainability revolution in manufacturing: Schneider Electric and MIT

by CM Staff   

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The new report from Schneider Electric and MIT Technology Review claims that the sector is undergoing a rapid revolution form incidental to intentional sustainability. 

RUEIL-MALMAISON — Schneider Electric partnered with MIT Technology Review for a research project, and now the companies say they’ve found a strong push for sustainability within the manufacturing sector coupled with a long-term goal of total carbon visibility across the entire supply chain.

According to the joint research project, manufacturers are adjusting their processes to reflect sustainability as a priority and not as a by-product of responsible equipment management.

The companies found that product-specific sustainability practices are on the rise, which means firms are modernizing processes to enable decarbonization. Schneider and MIT say companies are working to improve equipment operations, reduce waste and make products with less carbon-intensive inputs.

The research also suggests that manufacturers are seeking increased access to visibility through data analytics and digitally connected supply chains. That is to say they are embracing Industry 4.0 principles such as employing sensors and performance management tools to increase the flow of carbon/sustainability-relevant data across a firm’s entire operations.


The joint research project found that companies are applying technology to finesse predictive processes such as those in assembly lines and material inputs for calibration.

“Manufacturing is transitioning from incidental to intentional sustainability, according to this new report. Sustainability is no longer a happy coincidence. Now, the illustrious pairing of efficient equipment management and purposeful green principles sees manufacturing set on a course for effective decarbonization in the long term,” said Frédéric Godemel, EVP of Power Systems & Services at Schneider Electric in a statement.


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